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Mark Wendrychowicz

Business Development Manager, UBS

How long have you been a member of the NASPP?

Mark Wendrychowicz: 5


How did you end up in stock compensation?

Mark Wendrychowicz: I had some friends in the industry that gave me the advice to take a job in equity compensation in 2004.


What would you be if you didn’t work in stock compensation?

Mark Wendrychowicz: Some other position in the financial arena that takes my knowledge, commitment and desire to excel.


What was your college or university major?

Mark Wendrychowicz: Economics


What are your favorite things to do when you aren’t working?

Mark Wendrychowicz: Be with my wife and two sons


Name one item you couldn’t do your job without:

Mark Wendrychowicz: Friends


How has being a member of the NASPP helped you?

Mark Wendrychowicz: Yes


What is your favorite NASPP resource?

Mark Wendrychowicz: The NASPP Annual Conference


How many NASPP conferences have you attended?

Mark Wendrychowicz: 7